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First of all, sorry this entry is about a week delayed. I was hoping to get some photos from my friend, but I've realized that's just not going to happen any time soon, so I'm going ahead without them (there are plenty anyway). Last Saturday I went to Kilkenny with Evelyn, Suzanne, Katie, and Elia (Suzanne and Katie's other roommate from Spain). The bus ride over took about 2 hours and it was beautiful. The countryside is amazing. And as we passed through little villages there what looked like ruins of old churches, pretty little buildings, cows everywhere, and of course rolling green hills. Our first stop in Kilkenny was Kilkenny Castle. We took a tour around and learned a little about the Butler family who lived there, and who have since died out. We walked around a little and found our way to St. Canice's Cathedral. There is a HUGE tower there, which we climbed all the way to the top!. It was a ladder for every story type deal, not spiral staircase. That was so much fun! The view from the top was amazing, and it was so windy, as you will see from the pictures. After that we went to the Rothe House, which was once a theater. Other than that, we just spent time walking around and exploring the town. It was a really cute little place, a lot of fun to visit.

Big news from this week: I have been accepted to our USF in DC program!!! So I will be studying at American University and working in Washington DC next semester! I could not be more excited about this, especially with the amazing timing. So I'll have much more to blog about this year, even after I leave Ireland.


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Culture Night

Last Friday we went to Culture Night in Dublin. It is a huge, city wide event held annually where they provide free entry to museums, have bands performing throughout the city, and have different little events moving around. The weirdest thing was in the post office when they had a marching band go through playing "When the Saints Go Marching In" while people in over-sized, creepy mascot like costumes were roaming around. We toured through St. Patrick's and Christ's Cathedral and explored a little around the city. There is so much amazing architecture around here. We wanted to get out of town and see the country this weekend, but Evelyn and I have both been sick for a week.

School is going great. I love my logic class, it's like a big game. I went to a meeting last week at school put on by one of the societies called "Obama, Hope or Hype?" It was really interesting to hear outside perspectives on what's going on in the election, and they really liked hearing my American perspective too.

Stacey arrived in England last week and I'm trying to arrange a time to go visit her, as well as going to Scotland to see Christian. I am excited to see more of Europe while I'm out here!

Here are the pictures from culture night, as well as some photos of my room. If the link doesn't work (like the last one), try copying and pasting it into the address bar.


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Tourist Adventure Number 1

Grafton Street and Dublin Castle


Hi Everyone!

This weekend was great! Friday and Saturday were actually warm and we happily welcomed the t-shirt weather. On Saturday Evelyn, Suzanne and I went into town to tour Dublin Castle. On the way over, we walked down Grafton Street (which reminded me of main street in Disneyland, oddly enough) and ended up taking up over 100 pictures. Don't worry, I didn't post them all, but I did take some of the more interesting ones and put them into a new photobucket album (since this site isn't allowing me to post anymore this month). Here is the link. Some of them are titled and have descriptions which can be seen if you click to enlarge the photo:


It rained all day today (Sunday), so we were very happy that we took our outing yesterday.

Have a good week everyone!

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Adjusting to Ireland

Week One

15 °C

I have been here in Ireland for about a week now, and I have all kinds of different reactions. The first couple of days were extremely difficult due to the lack of food and sleep, but the shuttle ride from the airport more than made up for it. Ireland is BEAUTIFUL! We drove right through Dublin and got our first look at all the cool old buildings cute little shops. The shuttle dropped us off on main campus, and once someone was finally able to tell us that we should go to the extended campus (where our dorm is) Evelyn and I had to drag all our luggage to another bus and then proceed to drag it all around the other campus trying to find our building. A couple hours and a bit of rain later, we finally made it to our building!! We live in Blackrock, which is apparently the rich town just outside of Dublin. The houses are so nice around here. About a 15 minute walk away is the village, where we've gone for dinner a couple of times. Our building is full of mostly other international students, and unfortunately too many American students. I have actually met a couple girls from USF who I didn't know before.

On the second day Evelyn (friend from USF/roommate in Sacramento), Suzanne (roommate from USF) and I walked down to the village to get some chicken and chips take away and eat it overlooking the bay. The weather was beautiful and we had a lot of fun. Friday it felt like a monsoon hit Ireland. Even the natives found it crazy. But because we had umbrellas, we made new friends on campus, both of whom happened to be Vice Presidents of the student body. Other than a couple other days of reasonable rain, the weather has been surprisingly nice! We spent Saturday in the Dublin City Centre shopping for dorm essentials. It is hectic down there on the weekends! Luckily we have had practice on Market Street.

The first week has been exciting, but still full of homesickness. But things got a lot better on Monday when classes started. I'm taking 2 Art History classes and 3 Philosophy classes: Art in the Modern World, The Rise of the Artist in Renaissance Italy, Introduction to Modern Philosophy, Philosophy of Human Existence, and Logic: Formal and Informal. My professors are all really nice and the classes are really interesting. Very different from USF though since they are in large lecture halls. I have met a few more Irish kids though.

We are hoping to go to a museum this weekend, and I also plan on looking into guided tours of Dublin and the coast of Ireland, during which I promise to take many more pictures than I have so far.

I miss everyone very much and I hope you're all having a good September so far!


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